Five languages for MongoDB RESTful interface

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For developing application, we always deal with RESTful API. Choosing a right RESTful interface may save us a lot of time. Here are 5 different languages of MongoDB RESTful interface. Choose what languages what your are fimilar to start your awesome app.

Why RESTful interface?

There are many posts that talking about RESTful programming design for nowsaday applications, if your application is designer for different platforms (mobile and web).

REST Web API with MongoDB

MongoDB offers a JSON format return, it fits end to end JSON format API

I highlighted some articles for why using RESTful programming, if you have some other good articles also related about it, please feel free to share them in comment!

Node.js: mongodb-rest

mongodb-rest is a REST server for MongoDB using Node, using the native node.js MongoDB driver. Using Express, it can now start in any folder and will happily server any files a public folder.

Ruby: DrowsyDromedary

DrowsyDromedary is the Ruby answer to Sleepy.Mongoose, which is a python version interface for MongoDB, a REST interface for MongoDB.

DrowsyDromedary has a detailed introduce about the Security, Usage about the interface for MongoDB

Python: kule, sleepy.mongoose

kule and sleepy.mongoose are also good and stable RESTful interfaces for python. just pick one that fits your style.

sleepy.mongoose is 10gen-labs selected, where kule has more stared on GitHub.

Java: Mongodb Java REST server

Mongo Java REST server is based on Jetty web server. It can be used with memcached, to make the query even faster. Also it can set restriction for IP address, can provide a basic security options.

PHP: spire

spire is the PHP version for mongodb interface. It is built by Silex, a micro php framework, which means it has a fairly big commuity to support and low requirement to start. It was also tested with PHPUnit test.

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