BrowserHacks, the directory of browser hacking for CSS/JavaScript

Browserhacks, the directory of browsers hacking

With web development, we always handle the compacibility of browsers behaviors about the CSS and JavaScript. Ecspecailly in Internet Explorer (mainly old IE), we always use CSS Hacks or JavaScript Hacks to make it same as other browsers even there is ployfills injected.

The #4ae9b8 Team has launched, which is an extensive list of browser specific CSS and JavaScript Hacks, is listing all around the hacking for Chrome, FireFox, IE, Opera and Safari.

Although it is very convenience for using browser hacking to make your site look pretty and work fine on all browsers, bear in mind your should fix your CSS and JavaScript or using feature detection (like Modernizr) instead.

You can also for the repository on the GitHub to complete the hacking list, as it is an open source project

Check it out

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