localtunnel, share the localhost server to public

localtunnel, instantly show localhost to the rest of the world

Localtunnel lets you expose a local web server to the public Internet.

For example, running a web server on port 8000 on your laptop can be made public with::

$ localtunnel-beta 8000
  Port 8000 is now accessible from //8fde2c.v2.localtunnel.com ...

The localtunnel server is provided as a free public service. However, you can also deploy your own localtunnel server on dotCloud or your own server.


to using localtunnel, you are required to install Python 2.6 and pip Python Package Index

// Once you got python and pip installed
$ pip install localtunnel

// Start you local server
$ service nginx start

// and make it public via localtunnel
$ localtunnel-beta 1337

Check it out

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