Bootstrap 3 RC1 released

Bootstrap 3 RC1 released

Update 20 Aug, 2013: Bootstrap 3 is official released, Please visit //

Almost 7 months ago, @mdo is finally annouced its RC1 version on its officail blog. It is hard to in lines of sentences to introduce what changed in Bootstrap 3, because it contains over ~1600 commits, ~72000 modifications and ~300 files changed. It also moved left Glyphicons to a repository.

Bootstrap 3 will be mobile-first, comes with many new features, also removed some features and light its weight. #6342 is the pull request detail of Bootstrap 2 to Bootstrap 3, you may find tips on migrating from 2 to 3.

Also, Bootstrap repository on GitHub is moved to @twbs/bootstrap. A research stated, Bootstrap has already used in 1% of the web, that doesn’t include the deep web. It is amazing that Bootstrap is moving so fast, congratation!

And some of you maybe used our Bootstrap 3 Docs Preview in your development, we are very pleased that many of you are using our hosted documentations, hope you guys enjoy and felt useful. As official documentation is already lanuched, the BS3 docs preview will be closed soonly. We hope you guys can keep visiting here, please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, or RSS.

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