UIkit, Even More Lightweight Framework for Web Development

UIkit, lightweight and modular front end framework, bootstrap alternative

UIkit is lightweight and modular front-end framework for rapid development. UIkit is beased on normalize.css and font-awesome to build the core, offering over 30 features and extendible. Each components can be divided into a small compartment, the hard dependencise is only its UIkit core files.

As UIkit said it’s lightweight, we would like to compare with the new Bootstrap 3, seeing is it true lightweight.

Bootstrap 3 UIkit % Lighter
CSS 15.9KB 12.7KB 20%
JavaScript 12.8KB 7.12KB 45%

Above size is gzipped and minified. UIkit does really more lightweight in size.

Same as Bootstrap, UIkit provided

  • Grid System, 10 columns
  • Panel, Article, Comment CSS for easy making CMS system
  • Navigation, Navigation Bar, Sub bar, Breadcrumb, Pagination and Tab
  • List, Table, Form and Form’s elements like Button, Input and so on…

And the JavaScript parts, it provides

  • Dropdown
  • Modal
  • Offcanvas
  • Switcher
  • Tooltip
  • and Smooth Scroll

UIkit almost provides what Bootstrap does, it may be an alternative for Bootstrap user, or you want to try something new! UIkit is created by YOOtheme. UIkit is now on GitHub and under MIT license.

Check it out

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  • scout

    i really love UIKIT..the best css framework i have ever used..

  • Dan Gibbs

    You need to add about 100kb to those sizes!

    If you build from source you can cut out a lot to reduce file sizes (depending on what you need). Another thing to mention is that the transition from Bootstrap is very smooth due to similarities.