Coder Read #20131217: Building Your Own ARM-based Server

Building a tiny ARM-based server


Building a tiny ARM-based server

About a year ago, a no longer functional NAS device made by Western Digital came into my hands – a MyBook World Edition. This is a rather old, low-powered, ARM-based file server… and even though it is considered obsolete by today’s standards, I knew the moment I got it that I would very much enjoy hacking it to do my bidding :-)


A Practical Exercise in Web Scraping

Yesterday a friend of mine linked me to a fictional web serial that he was reading and enjoying, but could be enjoying more if it was available as a Kindle book. The author, as of yet, hasn’t made one available and has asked that fan-made versions not be linked publicly. That said, it’s a very long story and would be much easier to read using a dedicated reading app, so I built my own Kindle version to enjoy. This post is the story of how I built it…


Last week i’ve been searching for security issues on eBay websites. This time I found a controller which was prone to remote-code-execution due to a type-cast issue in combination with complex curly syntax. Since this techniques are less known and less discussed I found it interesting enough

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to blog about it. The vulnerable subdomain was the same where I found an exploitable SQL injection last year which is located at // . I will introduce you to some cool techniques, so let’s stop wasting time….


Why It’s a Good Idea to Be a JavaScript Developer, and What it Takes to Be One

So, I’ve been trying to hire another JavaScript developer at Cloudera for a while now and the effort has proved to be rather daunting. Finding really good JavaScript developers who know their stuff is hard! If anything, it’s driven a very simple point home to me: it is a good time to be a JavaScript badass…


Optimizing loops in C for higher numerical throughput and for fun

We had here, in LShift, this typical C-vs-Fortran discussion which prompted me to follow up on it. In this holy war I stand by C and believe that a lot of opinions supporting the alleged superiority of Fortran in numerical throughput come from poor understanding of what actually can be done on the C side.


From Object Oriented Programming to Functional Programming – Inheritance and the Expression Problem


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