ngDialog.js, native Angular.js Dialogs and Popups provider

ngDialog.js, native dialog popup for anglar

ngDialog.js is dialogs and popups provider for Angular.js applications. ngDialog.js is small (~2Kb), has minimalistic API, highly customizable through themes and has only Angular.js as dependency.


With ngDialog you don’t need jQuery or Bootstrap to create dialogs for ng-app:

  • Use it in controllers, factories or directives
  • Create your own directives
  • Style all UI and templates
  • Configure themes
  • Add animations and effects
  • Module is shipped with both ngDialog service and default directive.

10 seconds get started

var app = angular.module('exampleApp', ['ngDialog']);

app.controller('MainCtrl', function ($scope, ngDialog) {
    $scope.clickToOpen = function () {{ template: 'popupTmpl.html' });

Check it out

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